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Login system with access control and web store customer management makes a better website/store user experience. Many website and web store platforms are good for simple retail sales. But as your website and hopefully e-commerce grows you will need a way to separate access for premium visitors/customers and other. You might want wholesalers and even premium customers to receive discounts when ordering on-line plus you can choose to let them purchase on an "old-fashioned" open account through the web store - something most regular web stores do not offer.

For the web-content access control you rate each web-page with an access level. For each of your registered visitors you can assign an access level as well, which means that if the user access level is equal or higher to the level of the page, then access is granted.

Reasons you may need Advanced web-content access control

> Allow access to premium web-content for paying visitors
> Allow access to special web-pages for regular visitors
> Allow access to detailed technical data for the products


Easy content management (CMS)
and hosting for your custom
designed web-site.

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E-commerce solution with
content management (CMS) for
your custom design.

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E-business solution with
customized functions to meet
your unique needs.

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